Happy Contracts: Model Release Form

Happy Contracts: Model Release Form


The second installment in Galler.ee’s Happy Contracts series. An on-the-go essential for any photographer, these appealing, up-to-date model release forms are a must-have! Conveniently sized to fit in your bag for travels abroad or just around town. Fresh, colorful designs make the contract-signing process less stressful; even fun. Don’t leave the house without one of Galler.ee’s model release forms in your pocket! Model release clause is professionally written by a contract lawyer specifically to give Photographer full control of the images from the photoshoot.


  • Four 5” x 7” release form designs to customize to your brand
  • Model release clause professionally written by our contract lawyer specifically for the professional photographer
  • Contract grants copyrights and intellectual property rights to Photographer
  • Contract grants photographer permission to display, sell, and re-distribute images
  • Contract releases model’s interest in the photographs
  • Fresh, colorful designs reduce stress in the contract-signing process
  • Different design styles for ease of integration into your brand
  • Each element of the designs on a separate layer

Legal Disclaimer: Please note: contract is written by California attorney. We highly suggest members have their own version of this contract examined and modified by a local lawyer to ensure compliance with city and state regulations. Galler.ee is not responsible for any complications that may arise from use of this contract.


Software Compatibility: 
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
File Format: 
Product Dimensions: 

Cards are 5" x 7"

Formatted for standard press printing sizes - we recommend printing with Bay Photo!

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