Who We Are

Rebecca Shostak

Owner + Lead Designer
Red-haired and Left-handed. SF Bay Area Girl. Graduated Woodside High School in ’03 with over a dozen awards for art + design. Graduated UCLA Design | Media Arts in ’07 with multiple talent-based design scholarship awards. Also a degree in English. At age 19, was youngest designer in the world to be an Adobe Design Achievement Awards Finalist. First job out of college was designing merchandise and branding for Linkin Park, Rihanna, and loads of shiny rock bands. Obsessed with horses, insects, and paper. Favorite to drink: chai lattes and tawny port. Can’t stand: Mayonnaise, tunafish sandwiches, and bullies. Would rather work than play. Lives in San Francisco.

Senecca Dawn

Stylist + Social Media Specialist
Big eyebrows, bigger dreams. High school dropout. Ballerina. Constant stylist. Social media professional...still hopes Twitter is a fad? Refuses to accept the resurgence of Birkenstocks. Also, an English degree. Taught first college literature course at 19, held first Art Director title at 21. Very accomplished. Kind of like Adele.Penchant for: obscure and over-priced magazines, obscure and over-priced t-shirts, Thai iced tea. Can't stand: leggings posturing as pants. Boat shoes. Too ugly for Los Angeles, too dumb for New York. Lives in San Francsisco.

Trong Dong

Master of web-based planning and architecture. Can learn any code language. Born in Vinh City, Vietnam. Love at first sight with computers from age 13 on. Graduated Vinh University with a degree in Computer Engineering in ’11. Loves fútbol and playing with his 18 month old son. Also loves to read. Favorite eat: Bún Huế (beef noodle soup). Lives by 2 rules: You can learn something good from everyone, and treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Never falls asleep if there’s a computer nearby. When he is asleep, he dreams in code.