Hey you - thank you so much for being here. My name is Rebecca Shostak, and I’m the founder of Galler.ee Inc. I’m red-haired, left-handed, and entrepreneurial at heart (just like you!). I graduated UCLA Design | Media Arts in 2007 with multiple talent-based design and scholarship awards as well as a degree in English Literature. At age 19, I was the youngest designer in the world to be an Adobe Design Achievement Awards Finalist. My first job out of college was designing merchandise and branding for Linkin Park, Rihanna, and loads of famous rock bands. I still remember walking into Hot Topic one day after work to see my t-shirts pegged all over the wall, and the store clerk in disbelief that I could possibly be the designer.

I created Galler.ee in 2011 after I saw a need for photographers - a need to have their design and branding materials look and sound as professional as the photos they took. Being killer at business isn’t a born talent, like what you have being the incredible photographer you are. It’s a skill, and a set of resources you can learn and apply until you’re as good at getting clients as you are at making beautiful things. Galler.ee isn't just another company trying to sell you a set of templates to “save you time” - we’re giving you education to learn from and resources to apply daily so that your client roster flourishes and your business operations are as second nature as your own creativity. Now, are you ready to start building a real business around that talent of yours? Let’s do this.