Interactive Gift Certificate Kit

Interactive Gift Certificate Kit


  • Gift certificate order form with professional mini-article on how the process works, gift information area, recipient information area, credit card payment information area, credit card authorization statement, and more!
  • Clean, modern matching 5” x 7” gift certificate presentation card
  • Interactive .PDF file includes text fields and check-boxes easily customized in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • .INDD InDesign file includes interactive elements of all form fields and checkboxes for easy customizing and exporting to interactive .PDF format
  • Layered .PSD file of the form for easy customizing and printing or exporting to non-interactive .PDF format
  • Layered .PSD file of gift certificate card layout


Gift certificates for photography products and services are a necessary offering for the expanding studio. The simple concept of offering your image products as gifts opens the door to developing new client relationships and exposure with very little investment on your end. Gift certificates also enable current clients to treat close friends and family members to meaningful heirloom items - an easy choice for any occasion. Best of all, our new Interactive Gift Certificate Kit makes offering these lovely little cards easier than ever. Included in the kit is an interactive PDF form which makes ordering gift certificates quick and paperless for your clients. The form is also available for high-resolution printing. We’ve also created a simple, beautiful matching gift card template to make your studio look extremely professional. This is a must-have kit for every professional photographer.

Photo Credit

Julie Paisley Photography


Software Compatibility: 
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Acrobat Pro
File Format: 
Product Dimensions: 

Interactive Order Form - 8.5" x 11"

Gift Card - 7" x 5"

Formatted for standard press sizes - we recommend Bay Photo

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