Newborn Photography Email Nurturing Sequence

Newborn Photography Email Nurturing Sequence


  • A professionally written 6-part email sequence that takes newborn portrait inquiries and turns them into paid clients in a very personal, professional, and calming way
  • Email #1 greets and welcomes the inquiry to your studio, inviting them to book an initial consultation
  • Email #2 confirms the consultation appointment with logistical details
  • Email #3 requests a signed contract and retainer payment, with detailed instructions for each
  • Email #4 sets a very detailed list of what communications and events clients should expect from you before and after their newborn portrait session
  • Email #5 provides clients with a link to education about how to prepare themselves and their baby for their portrait session
  • Email #6 reminds clients about how to prepare the night before to avoid last-minute stress
  • All emails professionally written just for you - edit what you like and leave the rest in moments!
  • Includes text-only version and PDF version for easy copy and pasting into your email client of choice


Taking a newborn portrait inquiry from your website all the way through the booking process requires a lot of communication and attention to detail. We’re so excited to announce our first email sequence to help you transform newborn photography service inquiries into paying clients (while providing them with a very personal, professional, and calming experience!).

This professionally written 6-part email sequence welcomes newborn portrait inquiries to your studio, sets up an initial consultation appointment, requests a retainer payment and contract, sets detailed expectations for working together, provides clients with tips and tricks for their newborn portrait session, and reminds clients about what to do the day before the session. With the help of this sequence, you’ve got this - from start to finish - from turning inquiries into paid customers over and over again.

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Mariah Springs Photography


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Adobe Acrobat Pro
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