Senior Style Guide

Senior Style Guide


  • Eight 2048 x 1536 Senior fashion boards beautifully laid out and ready for your branding
  • Professionally written descriptions of each board in a separate .PDF document for easy copy and pasting
  • 8.5” x 11” high-resolution composite board of all styles together to send as a .PDF to clients or to print
  • Excellent content for your blog and social media feeds
  • Fully customizable


Introducing our first Senior Style Guide, and it’s awesome. In fact, it’s so awesome, this might be the first time a teen took fashion advice from anyone over the age of 18. Or ever. Requested by many members and fans, our hand-curated guide of 8 outfits seeks to strike a perfect balance between Senior-friendly hipster styles and classic looks that shine on camera (...even Mom will approve!). An essential tool in the toolkit for Senior Portrait photographers, and any other photographer working with teens.


Software Compatibility: 
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
File Format: 

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