Digital Brochure: Why A First Look

Digital Brochure: Why A First Look


  • Gorgeous 6-page professionally written brochure to answer your clients’ timeless question of timeless question of “What’s a first look and why do I need one?”
  • A beautifully written and convincing explanation encourages couples to plan for a First Look in their timeline
  • Professional, researched writing both in the template and in a separate file for copy-and-paste to your blogBeautifully designed - just add your images, colors, and logo in moments to make it yours
  • Includes InDesign version for saving out as a multi-page PDF, high-resolution Photoshop version for printing or saving as individual .PDFs to bind together in Adobe Acrobat for a multi-page .PDF, and text-only version for pasting directly into your blog


So many couples have no idea what to expect from their photographer or what they want out of their wedding day timeline. First Looks are emotional and important, and you want your clients to know about them—and plan for them well in advance! Having this beautifully designed brochure on your blog or website explains what a First Look is and why it’s so important to make a plan to have one in your timeline. The reasons for a First Look are presented in 4 short, easy-to-read and highly convincing paragraphs alongside your stunning images. This digital brochure consists of 7 gorgeously designed pages and professionally written copy that you can edit as needed. A must-have for wedding photographers; just export it as a multi-page PDF and link it to your website or a blog post!

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ComePlum Studio


Software Compatibility: 
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe InDesign
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Product Dimensions: 

8.5" x 11"

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