Client Management Bundle

Client Management Bundle


  • Printable 20” x 30” Client Management Dry Erase Board design with 19 essential workflow tasks managing over 20 clients at once
  • Printable 8.5” x 11” matching Client Management sheets with room for important client contact information and task management
  • Beautifully minimal to add a professional touch to your office wall
  • Task list is a culmination of research gathered from multiple successful photographers passing their wisdom on to you
  • Tasks include everything from initial contact and check-in emails to proofing, order delivery, and follow-up conversations
  • Enable your studio to provide incredible customer service to clients easily and effectively so they feel well cared for and excited to recommend you
  • Easily brand the design for your studio to look brilliantly organized during client meetings
  • All elements may be quickly customized to your studio’s needs


Our Client Management Bundle is the culmination of months of member requests, research, and design innovation. This board allows photography studios to keep detailed track of up to 21 clients at once with a four-part workflow list on both a printable dry erase board and / or an attractive 8.5” x 11” printable sheet. These tasks are visually divided into the four stages of photographer-client interactions: pre-session, post-session, proofing and ordering, and follow-up. These essential workflow tools will remind you to follow up with clients again and again at every stage in the process, ensuring happy customers, recommendations, and repeat business. The whiteboard also includes a “Notes” list and “To-Do” area for quick reminders and studio-related tasks. Easily customizable to your studio’s needs in minutes.

Psst…our dry erase workflow board is an original concept that’s been so successful that competitors have copied it! Buy yours here from the original designer!


Software Compatibility: 
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
File Format: 
Product Dimensions: 

20" x 30"

8.5" x 11"

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