Modern Holiday: Calligraphy Edition

Modern Holiday: Calligraphy Edition

Your holiday card collection just got a major upgrade. Minimal, modern, AND artsy!? That’s right folks, these calligraphy inspired designs are just the thing for picky clients who want it all. A little bit of clean typography, a little bit of romantic brushstrokes, and a whoooole lot of your gorgeous photography make the Modern Holiday: Calligraphy Edition a total crowd-pleaser! Sized for standard printing and looks incredible with any style of photography.


  • 5 beautiful designs marked by clean typography and romantic calligraphic elements
  • Clean lines and museum-like white space make your photographs shine!
  • Trendy designs will excite a wide variety of clients
  • Extremely easy to customize makes for an efficient holiday card workflow
  • All elements on separate layers

Photo Credit

Shauntelle Sposto Photography

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Product Dimensions: 

5" x 7"

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Print Specs: 
Print these with Bay Photo for larger quantities, and for smaller quantities
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