Calligraphy-Inspired Tags For Packaging

Calligraphy-Inspired Tags For Packaging


  • 5 holiday gift tag options with custom calligraphy made just for members
  • 2 design options for the back of the tags with to, from, and your studio name
  • Takes your packaging and gifts next level, period.
  • Easily customize in minutes


This is the real deal, folks. Gift tags to take your packaging next level. Seriously. Your boxes and gift wrap feel lonely without these babies. We even went as far as to hire a professional custom calligrapher so you can be sure they’re one of a kind. Customize ‘em in the blink of an eye and send them off to be printed at in no time flat, or do what we did and print at home on your branding colors from the French Paper Co. No matter how to get them made, you know they’re going to make those holiday orders that much more exciting.


Software Compatibility: 
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
File Format: 
Print with as gift tags or at home

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