Brochure: Vendor Gratuity Etiquette

Brochure: Vendor Gratuity Etiquette


  • Fully designed 4” x 5.5” accordion brochure
  • Detailed explanations and ideas for leaving a gratuity (or not!) for other vendors
  • Professional, researched writing
  • Helps clients plan their budget and ensures vendors are fairly compensated
  • Fully customizable


Gratuity etiquette is a grey area, especially for clients who may be hiring stylists and other vendors alongside your photography services. Use this brochure to educate clients on who to tip, when to tip, and how much to tip. We’ve done the research for you; what service providers expect gratuity and the appropriate range of percentages. Help your clients avoid awkward moments and build gratuity into their budgets so nothing is unexpected at the last minute!

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4" x 5.5" Accordion Brochure

Print with Bay Photo Lab or your lab of choice

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