Brochure: A Job Beyond Photography

Brochure: A Job Beyond Photography


Uh, just a photographer? Yeah, right. Try entrepreneur, event planner, wardrobe stylist, style consultant, graphic designer, life coach - and then throw photographer on top of that! We know your job goes far beyond the reaches of your lens, and we want your clients to know it, too. Use this brochure to let your clients know you’ll do just about anything for them. Planning, photographing, editing, designing; you do it all. They’ll love knowing they’re in such good, multifaceted hands!


  • Fully designed 4” x 5.5” accordion fold brochure
  • Details the amazing service clients are getting when they book with you
  • Makes you look like a boss, makes clients feel confident they made the right choice
  • Fully customizable

Photo Credit

Sposto Photography


Software Compatibility: 
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
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4" x 5.5" Accordion Brochure

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