Artsy Studio Business Cards

Artsy Studio Business Cards


  • 7 minimal, fully designed business cards
  • Classic 2” x 3.5” horizontal and vertical formats
  • Easy to print anywhere, on any material of your choice
  • Fully customizable


Your business card is your photography studio’s first impression. It needs to say the right thing. It needs to tell potential clients you’re fresh, you’re on it - that you get it. Our photography studio business cards do just that. They keep it simple while communicating that your studio is modern and design-conscious. Each of the seven designs is easy to customize with your brand, and can be print-ready in minutes.


Software Compatibility: 
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
File Format: 
Product Dimensions: 

2" x 3.5"

Print at home or with your lab of choice

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