Photoshoot Checklist Post-It®

Photoshoot Checklist Post-It®


  • Fully designed 3” x 4” Post-It note
  • Checklist of all tasks you need to complete the day before a shoot and all items you need to bring
  • You’ll never forget to gas up the tank or pack a lens again
  • Fully customizable


You’ll never forget a battery, lens, or CF card again. You’ll never set out to a shoot on an empty tank again. In fact, you’ll sleep better. This tiny post-it note checklist can be customized to include everything you need to do and pack the night before a shoot. Just stick it on the door before you walk out for a solid double-check on gear, gas, personal items, snacks, and whatever else you may be toting that day. You never have to have that “did I forget ______” feeling again.


Software Compatibility: 
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
File Format: 
Product Dimensions: 

3" x 4" Notepad

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