Client Response Guide: Basic Essentials Edition

Client Response Guide: Basic Essentials Edition


  • 12 professionally written responses to difficult client questions and situations, formatted as an easy-to-navigate 13-page .PDF file. Issues include:
  • Client asks for a date when you’re not available
  • Responding to pricing inquiries
  • Client asks why your services cost so much
  • Client asks for a discount if they edit their own images
  • Deposit is overdue
  • Final payment is past due
  • Client demands their images immediately
  • Client asks for Photoshop touch-up services
  • Client is dissatisfied with delivered images
  • Client requests price matching with another photographer
  • Client threatens a bad public review
  • Client leaves a bad public review
  • All text can be easily copied and pasted from the .PDF file into email or messaging apps
  • An absolute essential for the modern photography studio


At the request of our members, we’ve carefully crafted 12 graceful responses to difficult questions and situations photography studios face on a daily basis. These pre-written email guides allow photographers to respond to common client issues in a thoughtful, elegant manner - diffusing emotions while maintaining an appropriate professional barrier. Inquiring about a late payment or responding to negative reviews on a public website is made simple. Our client response guide will save you huge amounts of time and emotional stress while building a stronger, more loyal clientele. Formatted as a 13 page .PDF file with text that can be copied and pasted easily.


Software Compatibility: 
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe Acrobat Pro
File Format: 
Product Dimensions: 

13-page digital .PDF

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